The beer you should drink to regain 1950s masculinity

Check out these incredible commercials Errol Morris made for Miller High Life. Analysis is almost superfluous once you've seen them, but to entice your interest I'll just say that white male working-class masculinity is what each one is about. Also, if there were still any doubt, the connection between meat-eating and masculinity is hereby conclusively proven.


naureen said...

finally got around to reading Peter Singer's animal liberation for my class on animal law. man, you ripped him off. it's all right though.

i got all pissed in class today. talked about how the same logic that justifies eating meat as "necessary, i mean, we have canine teeth for a reason" justifies poverty, etc.
almost started talking about imperialism. who knew i even cared.
i always thought i was not intellectually curious. and a disaffected youth. oh well. it was the jake in me.

Jake said...

it's possible i ripped off peter singer, but if i did it was second or third hand, since i've never read anything he's written. i do know he's a utilitarian, which i am not into (altho i have been known to make utilitarian arguments when it served my purposes). as for the connections between animal oppression and imperialism, well it seems obvious to me. keep up the good work naureen.

Anonymous said...

whoa. my favorite is "high protein." it's just so twisted.