Another victory against corporations

Here's a story that can give us inspiration:

A small group of dedicated activists used their passion and righteousness to bring corporate giant Sony to terms and forced the record company to release the unjustly imprisoned album Extraordinary Machine by Fiona Apple. Using street protests and innovative demonstrations involving foam apples, the dedicated members of Free Fiona have finally triumphed and the album will be out October 4.

Well, actually there was some miscommunication and the album wasn't so much being withheld as it was victim to bickering between a spoiled music star and her recording company over how many more hundreds of thousands of dollars she'd have access to. But we've all learned a valuable lesson about the power of solidarity: as Fiona says, "It's good to know that if you organize you can make change, because that's certainly not what I was doing."


Jon said...

Think about what you can do with $800,000...oh that's right, pay Jon Brion.

jenny (of course....) said...

hi jake!

since you haven't written anything in a while, i'm going to give you a suggestion.

you should write something about turkey and the EU. okay maybe that would be better for your other blog, but people need to talk about this more. i heard this dumb news program about how european countries are opposing turkey joining the EU, making it sound like they are racist and muslim-hating. hello? i don't think that's entirely the point. did you hear about the armenian genocide conference getting canceled twice?