Chinese vegetarian mystery

How can we account for this? Philadelphia is half as big as Chicago, and not known for its vegetarianism. Yet Philadelphia has five - five! - all-vegetarian Chinese restaurants, and Chicago has none.

Su Xing 1508 Sansom St
Singapore Kosher Vegetarian 1006 Race St
Kingdom of Vegetarians 129 N 11th St
New Harmony 135 N 9th St
Cherry Street Vegetarian 1010 Cherry St

Chicago does have Yummy Yummy in Lakeview, a Chinese restaurant with both meat and fake meat American Chinese dishes, but here again Philadelphia beats us - it has two similar restaurants.

Charles Plaza 234-6 N 10th St
Golden Empress Garden 610 S 5th St

Granted, all of these restaurants are American Chinese, a pale imitation of the incredible fake meat restaurants in China. But this is an issue of respect. C'mon Chicago, get your act together.


Jeremy said...

The situation is more acute than that: Philadelphia (where I live) also has the swank Horizons (http://www.horizonsphiladelphia.com/), Mai Lai, Giannas, Godvindas, and Charles Plaza (half-meat / half-vegetarian).

(But Cherry Street, which you list, has been closed for some time.)

Jake said...

Good to know about Cherry Street, I was walking around looking for it last time I was there.

But to be fair to Chicago, we have lots of vegetarian restaurants, a better selection than Philly overall - one benefit of having a larger and more diverse population. Still, Philly's vegetarian options are consistently impressive - I tried Mi Lah last time I was there and it was great, I always like going to the vegetarian sandwich place at Reading Terminal Market, and of course the baffling number of fake meat Chinese places is very nice.