The Bolsheviks Hitler would love

I was intrigued when a news article about a protest in Russia mentioned a National Bolshevik Party that has allied with the liberal opposition to Putin. I expected the NBP to be a splinter from the Communist Party, but it turns out that National Bolsheviks are Bolshevik the same way National Socialists are socialist - as their flag indicates.

Even better, NBP leader Eduard Limonov was a Soviet exile who "arrived in New York City in 1974 as an émigré and began writing novels. He fell in with the New York punk and avante-garde scene, acquiring an admiration for Lou Reed, as well as such American writers as Charles Bukowski." Later he moved to Paris and joined literary society there. Later still he "join[ed] a sniper patrol in Bosnia-Herzegovina during the Bosnian war" - in support of Serbia. He supported extreme nationalist Vladimir Zhironvsky before splitting with him. The NBP explained that "a Jew masquerading as a Russian nationalist is a sickness, a pathology." Finally, "Limonov has listed among his idols Joseph Stalin, Mikhail Bakunin, Julius Evola and Yukio Mishima."

The SS look is back in style among National Bolsheviks.


Chris said...

it's amazing to think about meeting this guy and telling him that lou reed is a jew. i think steam would shoot out of his ears and then his head would probably explode.

Chris said...

didn't read much of this, but if you wanna see a picture of this ass-monkey check it:

RedKnight said...

National Bolsheviks do not admire Hitler. Some might be influenced by Strasserism, however. As I understand it, National Bolshevism involves eurasian nationalism, not white racialism. I mean how many white supremacists accept mongolians as being a kindred people? I have a positive interest in nazbol ideology, and I sure am not a racist. In fact, I'm not even completely white.

Anonymous said...

Chris, he's probably well aware that Lou Reed is a Jew. There's no hypocrisy in appreciating art from a person from group 'X' while simultaneously harboring a universal dislike or distrust of the same group for political/ideological/racial reasons. Regarding music this is all the more true. Musicians are the descendants of court jesters - not court philosophers. One can appreciate the various sounds they make without even paying passing attention to what they are blabbering on about in their lyrics, for instance.

And it should be pointed out too that it is not necessarily true that he is anti-Semitic...he just (realistically) suggests that a Jew cannot be a Russian (ethnic) Nationalist - which is true. One could just as reasonably say that a goy cannot be an authentic Jewish Nationalist.

In such cases (where someone takes on the pretensions of ethnic nationalism for a group to whom they do not belong), their actions are inevitably an abstraction - and often a perverse abstraction - of the actions one would observe from an authentic member of said ethnic group.

Anonymous said...

To Red Knight
well if you are not completely white,
take care walking round moscow some of these guys you are so positively interested in might just club you to death...

Please be consequent, comunism was always meant to be international.

Or isn't its hymn "the International"

Redskins are one thing these guys are fascist thugs.

RedKnight said...

I'm not necessarily a nazbol myself. I'm just interested in there third position politics. I happen to enjoy playing political similation games, and I've wondered what it would be like to create a left-wing national socialist socio-political system. One that would not be unjust in nature. I also happen to be 5% amerindian, and might be of some Jewish descent too.

Anonymous said...

Well, the most probable outcome would be some Adolf Stalin or Mussolini Jong-Il (read: leader of a successful Nazbol party) keeping a private army of Red SS Guards to pwn any internal dissent. And at the same time, raping everyone's daughters and drowning in Vodka. Check the private life of any dictator to find out more.