Chicago tackleball fun facts

1) The mighty Chicago Bears started their career as a tackleball team in the humble town of Decatur, where they were know as the Decatur Staleys after the A. E. Staley company, which organized the team. (Many of the early teams were company teams playing in minor cities - the Green Bay Packers is the only surviving example.)

2) The Staleys moved to Chicago in 1921 and started playing at Wrigley Field. The next year the team name was changed to Bears because of the link with the Cubs. The Bears didn't start playing at Soldier Field till 1971. In 2002 a large alien spacecraft landed on Soldier Field and has occupied it ever since. But the Bears have made do, and actually found the new arrangement more profitable.

3) What's the oldest professional team in tackleball? Why, the Arizona Cardinals of course. But when the Cardinals were founded in 1898 the suburban sprawl of Phoenix, where the Cardinals now reside, was just an environmentally irrational dream in the hearts of the town's 5000 residents. The Cardinals were originally called the Racine Normals after Normal Park which stood at our very own Racine Avenue, between 61st and 63rd. The Chicago Cardinals played at Comiskey Park for most of the years before 1960, when they moved to St Louis.

4) In 1901 the owner of the Normals bought used uniforms from the University of Chicago tackleball team, the Maroons. With their spiffy new (well, newly acquired) red uniforms, the team was soon known as the Cardinals.

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