Love stories of the late Ming

Who says grad school is no fun? At least once every 1000 pages or so we come across passages like this:
In [馮夢龍/Feng Menglong's 《情史》/Anatomy of love (first half of the 1600s)], a young man surnamed Sun is accused by a neighbor woman of seducing her daughter; the daughter is so mortified that she hangs herself. The mother, determined to punish Sun, ties him to the corpse and goes off to fetch the magistrate. Left alone with the corpse, Sun is overcome by her beauty and does indeed make love to her - whereupon she comes back to life! The magistrate unites them in marriage.
On the other hand, it may just be the history program that's like this. Ariel gets to read 17th century porn all day.

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ariel said...

oh man, feng menglong was such a prude- if this scene happened in one of my books, it would be a good ten pages long, starting with a lengthy description of the man’s genitals and ending with everyone (man, woman, his mother-in-law, assorted maids and pages, and the occasional dog) covered in bloody fluids. i guess you were sick the day they were handing out the awesome academic sub-specializations...you have to read bureaucratic reports on the salt trade or whatever while i get to write footnotes on the origin of the word “pornotopia”.

ps- here's hoping your mom doesn't read your blog...