Slandered by CSI

So I googled myself for the first time in ages today. Little did I know that last year I was featured as a character on CSI:
Grissom interviews the only witnesses they have – the patients themselves. ... J— W— is next. An anti-social with constant manic and psychotic breaks, J— was convicted of multiple ritual murders involving satanic cults and the White Aryan Resistance. He's one of the most lucid patients there, but he prefers to rant about the staff's ethnicities than answer Grissom's questions.


Joe said...

This happened to me too recently. Except I appear in a hack sci-fi novel as the "charismatic leader of the Mari Independence Party: Age: 50-75. Magnetic personality yet a little brash and uncouth. Intelligent and free spoken."
So I guess that's better than a wacky racist. Really broad age range though, you think they could have narrowed it down a bit.

Chris said...

wait, is this from tv, or a quote from a back issue of the northwester chronicle?