Argyle St and some hot Orson Welles action

Yesterday I went to "Chinatown North", which is mostly Vietnamese, but confusingly the signs all have Chinese and Vietnamese on them, so it's best to just call it Argyle St. This was long overdue, especially acquiring Nagaraya peanuts, which was a staple food for me until I was cruelly thrown into the snack wasteland of Beijing. But, if you want to go down to Argyle and get a tasty vegetarian sandwich from Bale, DO NOT go around the corner and eat it on the sidewalk in front of an apartment building. Or the maintenance guy will condescendingly chew you out.

It was nice to see Chinese on the signs, even if it's all in laborious-to-read complex characters. It was also nice to buy all kinds of groceries for $14. But apparently you can only buy sesame oil in enormous metal tins that look like gasoline canisters. They sell the soy sauce of white people, Kikkoman, so why can't they have white-people-friendly-sized sesame oil?

Yesterday I also saw the only movie (to my knowledge) that features Orson Welles as the mastermind of the Holocaust. Apparently The Stranger was something Welles signed onto to prove that he could direct Hollywood schlock and get money for doing good work. So despite some sweet camera work - and a corpse sniffing dog - the movie was pretty disappointing.

Here's a question for everyone: is the young Orson Welles hot? I say yes, but there seems to be some underinformed opposition on the matter.


Anonymous said...

Though The Stanger is the only Orson Welles film I've actually seen (much to the surprise of many), I can say with certainty that he is not hot.

Jenny said...

nope. not hot.


Jake said...

holy shit. the people in that picture are clearly klingons. holy shit.

Joe said...

I heard a version of Macbeth on the radio the other night, except the voices used were Mr. Rogers, Kissinger, Bill Clinton, Ross Perot and Jack Nicholson. A marked improvment on the original I might add, especially Mr. Rogers as Macbeth himself.

mischa said...

whoa. mr. rogers as macbeth would be scary. i guess PBS has always been bent on power at all costs, no matter how many lives lost, in the pursuit of investigatory journalism.

um, is that reference coming through? i admit it's muddled.

anyway, orson is totally hot. it's the eyes. they're scalding.

Chris said...

Totally hot. Check him out in Citizen Kane, before Kane gets all old and crusty. Boy, would i like a piece of that.

Anonymous said...

i find you pretty pessimistic. is there anything in this world that you like? possibly love?

Jake said...

wait a minute. from this post alone it should be clear that i like the following:
nagaraya peanuts
vegetarian sandwiches from bale
signs with chinese on them
cheap groceries
orson welles

anyway, the more important question is whether orson welles is hot or not.